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If you require a new IT Network or your current Networks out of date. We can design, secure and install exactly what you need to meet your business requirements. We will ensure your design is right for now and for expansion in the future.

DRSL will carry out an assessment of your current Network and cover:

Once we have carried out your Network design we will discuss our recommendations, we will provide a detailed plan of the Network points and discuss the fixed cost and timescale for this to be installed.

An internal network can allow files to be copied between computers, share information, share printers, allow centralised e-mail access.

If you already have a network setup but are finding its slowing down we can diagnose the problem and implement a solution.

Onsite Installations

Our onsite installations are conducted by a Microsoft accredited engineer who will install, configure and ensure your connection is in working order prior to leaving your business. Our engineer has over 10 years experience in providing onsite solutions to businesses.

Whether the installation is business critical or a configuration change, DRSL can provide onsite support to your business. In the event of a hardware fault we can fix or replace the item ensuring minimal disruption to your service.

Dean Rose Solutions Limited WiFi


A wireless network can allow you to move anywhere in the office or be mobile around your home/office. DRSL will ensure your connection is secure and password protected.

Using a Router you can share your internet connection via wireless, this gives you the freedom to roam.

Laptops and wireless devices can access the internet within the wireless zone. We can share printers, scanners and other devices all through the wireless network, increasing flexibility and efficiency.